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Capitaliz V3 - Automated


Automated orders.

Compatible with Binance.

FTX and more to come

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Book now for the latest innovation from Our enhanced indicator, provides one of the best results we have ever done since Capitaliz's creation.

We increased the ROI to > 40% for ~46 positions opened, which is almost a 1:1 win.

If you book now (1 year access), you enjoy a discount on your order.

In this new version, from listening to our customers, we made many changes and enhancements that they suggested.

By doing so, we made it possible to automate it, by creating orders by itself (Long and Short).

We added automated trendlines to follow where supports and resistances have formed, in combination with V2-FIB dynamically related, to increase your chance of profit.

Technical information

The script is designed to work on the TradingView platform.

To automate trading, you must have a pro TradingView account.

It works on Google Chrome, Chromium based Web browsers, Firefox and Edge.

The script is available in your Indicator panel when delivery starts in February 2021, after booking.


The following script is maintained during the contracted period.

The main goal is to make it work perfectly. For this, we can help you by remote control, one time after purchase.

We include warranty up to 2 years with services like :

2 phones call per month

1 remote control at start

For each extra service, we will need to quote.