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I registered but I can't see the indicator on my TradingView™

If you registered to give a try to our indicator, you must claim for free access on the contact form.

I bought the indicator but I can't see it on my TradingView™

The delivery is up to 24H in working day.

What the best timeframe to work on ?

It really depends on the pair you are analysing. For example, in case of Bitcoin/USDT, which is a high volume pair and old one, you have some history to be analyzed by our indicator, so you can work on DAILY or 4H candle timeframe.

On a recent listed pair, you may need to work on a lower timeframe ( < 4h for example).

Be careful, the lower the timeframe, the most counter-signal you can get.

What are the pairs I can work on ?

Barely every pairs available on TradingView, including FOREX market.

What is the Fibonacci scale ?

The Fibonacci scale is updated every new signal passing through it, to know what are the pivot points.

You can base on this to know where to put your stop losses or take profits.

Keep in mind you can be squeezed, put your stop-loss a little lower than the Fib that match your position.

Same for take-profit, some trader know how to squeeze you out.

How to interpret signals ? 

Our signals need to be interpreted as an help for you decisions.

Every informations are available here :

V3 - Automated

How does the V3 works ?

We enhanced the V2-FIB version of Capitaliz Indicator by adding more functions.

We added automated trendlines and automated orders on every pair available on TradingView™

A platform has been built for you, to setup your V3 indicator and enhance the ROI.

The V3 doesn't open any orders

In Binance (and other exchanges), there is a minimum amount of an asset to open an order.

Example, in case of BTC/USDT order, the minimum to purchase is 0.001 BTC.

Also, check if your alerts are correctly defined and non paused.

If you are trading using Binance FUTURES, please enable the futures account before creating the API Key.

Does V3 allow short/long orders ?

Yes it does, only on Binance Futures. The pair available are only based on USDT.

What if I want pair like ETH/BTC ? 

You can if you use Binance SPOT, but it won't allow margin for the moment (updates are coming)

V3 Tutorials are available :

Regular questions :

How to cancel my subscription ?

The subscription is without commitments, you can cancel at any time you want.

To do it, just send us an email with "Cancelation" subject.

Your current access will not be renewed automatically and you keep the access until then.